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What is an Enrolled Agent?
 An Enrolled  Agent (EA) is a prestigious designation for the Internal Revenue Service. EA's must pass three rigourous examinations, background checks, and meet lengthy annual porfessional education requirements. That's why EA's account for less than 10% of all tax practitioners-and are considered "a cut above the rest". By selecting an Enrolled Agent to handle your taxes, you are assured a superior level of taxation expertise-so you can be confident of thorough, insightful service and uncommon professionalism that makes a "real difference".

What are the differences between Enrolled Agents and Other Tax Professionals?

Only Enrolled Agents are required to demonstrate to the IRS their competence in matters of taxation before they may represent a taxpayer before the IRS. Unlike attorneys and CPA's, who may or may not choose to specialize in taxes, all Enrolled Agents specialize in taxation. Enrolled Agents are the only taxpayer representatives who receive their right to practice from the U.S. government(CPA's and Attorneys are licensed by the states).