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What is an Enrolled Agent?

 An Enrolled  Agent (EA) is a prestigious designation for the Internal Revenue Service. EA's must pass three rigourous examinations, background checks, and meet lengthy annual porfessional education requirements. That's why EA's account for less than 10% of all tax practitioners-and are considered "a cut above the rest". By selecting an Enrolled Agent to handle your taxes, you are assured a superior level of taxation expertise-so you can be confident of thorough, insightful service and uncommon professionalism that makes a "real difference".

The EA Advantage

1.Enrolled agents are tax specialists.
EAs work on tax only. Therefore, they may have a tax specialization, such as tax preparation or tax resolution. For this reason, a CPA who specializes in tax should consider earning the EA so they can demonstrate their tax expertise.

2.The EA designation is a federal credential.
Since the IRS empowers enrolled agents with an unlimited right to practice on a federal level, enrolled agents can work with a client who may have filings across all states in the U.S.

3.Hiring an enrolled agent is more affordable than hiring a tax attorney.
Enrolled agents can often perform the same services as a tax attorney for a much lower price. For example, enrolled agents can represent their clients in civil resolution cases.